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Hi ! I'm Sujan, a tech enthusiast with a mission—to master the art of IT Support and be your go-to tech problem-solver. Picture this: a world where technology is a breeze, where IT issues are mere blips on the radar, and where I'm your trusted guide through the digital maze. Join me on this exciting journey as I pave the way to becoming a top-notch IT Support Specialist, dedicated to transforming your tech challenges into solutions.


My Short Story..

In the quiet neighborhood where I spent my childhood, technology was like a distant star—a beautiful mystery beyond my reach. We didn’t have the latest gadgets, but my young heart beat with an unquenchable curiosity for the world of technology.

As a child, I found magic in the simplest of things. Remote-controlled toys became my companions, and I would lose myself in the melodies of radios, always eager to discover what made them tick. These small moments were the beginnings of my lifelong love affair with technology.

Then, one fateful day in sixth grade, I was introduced to my first computer. Its sleek design and the soft hum of its processor held a promise of endless exploration. With trembling hands, I typed my very first line of code: “CD D” in the command prompt—a humble beginning to an incredible journey.

I pursued my passion relentlessly, and it led me to KIT, where I embarked on a journey of discovery through a diploma in computer engineering. The One International College and Melbourne Institute of Technology further fueled my aspirations, with advanced diplomas and a Bachelor’s degree in Networking.

Now, standing at the crossroads of possibility, I dream of becoming an IT Support Engineer. I want to be the guiding light in the world of technology for those who seek assistance and understanding. My journey is an ongoing adventure, and I invite you to embark on this thrilling exploration of the tech wonderland with me.

Skills I Like to Explore

Academic History

Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT)

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
    June 2012 – June 2016
    KIT (Kathmandu Institute of Technology)

The One International College

  • Diploma of Information Technology
    Aug 2018 – Feb 2020
    The One International College

Australian Harbour International College (AHIC)

  • Advanced Diploma of Network Security
    Feb 2020 – May 2021
    Australian Harbour Int’l College (AHIC)

Melbourne Institute of Technology

  • Bachelor of Networking
    Jul 2021 – Jul 2023
    Melbourne Institute of Technology

Professional Experience

IT Operation Assistant

Triveni Barah | Feb 2017 – Aug 2018



Melbourne Institute of Technology | Jul 2023 – Aug 2023

What I Like and Love to Do More … 😊

From the buzzing world of IT to the tranquility of nature, my interests are as diverse as they come. When I’m not immersed in the realm of technology, you’ll find me lacing up my hiking boots, ready to explore the wonders of the great outdoors. Nature hikes are my escape, a chance to disconnect from screens and reconnect with the beauty of the natural world.

But that’s not all – the thrill of a football match has always been a passion of mine. On the field, I leave behind codes and algorithms, focusing on teamwork, strategy, and that indescribable feeling when the ball finds the back of the net.

Beyond the physical, my curiosity leads me to the digital frontier. I’m passionate about AI, constantly researching its potential to reshape our world. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital and social media marketing, I find the perfect blend of creativity and strategy. It’s here that I thrive, crafting compelling content that captures attention and drives engagement.

In this multifaceted journey, I’ve learned that life is a blend of bytes and breathtaking vistas, algorithms and the adrenaline of the game, data points and the art of storytelling. It’s the balance between technology and the world outside that fuels my spirit, and I’m excited to bring this dynamism to every endeavor.

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